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  • Exaggerated premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause symptoms

  • Sexuality including sexual pain and loss or decrease in desire

  • Adjustment to complex gynaecological conditions

  • Adjustment to a cancer diagnosis

  • Complex pelvic pain

  • Adjustment and decision making around sexual and reproductive differences

I have specialised in Women’s Health for 28 years' exploring effective pathways for women to regain balance and wellbeing both within and outside of intimate relationships. I work with women who have experienced significant distress through losing sexual desire or experiencing pain within intimate relationships, as well as working with women who have exaggerated premenstrual tension and menopause symptoms. These symptoms are often also associated with anger, anxiety, changes in mood, tired and sleep disturbances. I work with women adjusting to complex gynaecological conditions including diagnosis, treatment and recovery for cancer.

Women’s Health: Services
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